Rapid Lamps Generation 2 Main

Rapid Lamps®Generation 2

Experience unparalleled brightness with our patented Generation 2 Rapid Lamps®, meticulously crafted to ensure the swiftest retrofit installation. Offered in packs of 4 and 10, and ranging in sizes from F-18 to F-120, these dual-sided, IP65-rated LED sign tubes are UL & SAM listed. Each package comes with all essential components, ensuring a seamless and straightforward setup.

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Rapid Lamps®Generation 3

Experience unmatched luminosity with our innovative Generation 3 Rapid Lamps®, exclusively designed for swift and hassle-free Menu Board installations. Available in packs of 8 and 20 in varying sizes from F-36 to F-120, these circular tubes boast two-sided LED illumination, ensuring a broader light spread. With an IP65 rating, these LED sign tubes are not only resilient but also UL & SAM certified. Each set is equipped with all the vital components, guaranteeing an effortless and smooth installation process.

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Rapid Brackets®and Miscellaneous Products

Illuminate your signage with our comprehensive range of LED accessories. Dive into our collection:

Rapid Brackets®: These brackets ensure a snug fit for your LED tubes.

AC Input Wire: AC Input Cables are crafted for your LED installations.

T-Connectors: T-connectors to provide a secure connection.

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Exit Lights

Our Exit Lights collection offers a range of safety solutions, from directional LED Exit Lights to versatile Combo Emergency Exit Lights.

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