Rapid Lamps Generation 2 Main

Rapid Lamps®Generation 2

Experience unparalleled brightness with our patented Generation 2 Rapid Lamps®, meticulously crafted to ensure the swiftest retrofit installation. Offered in packs of 4 and 10, and ranging in sizes from F-18 to F-120, these dual-sided, IP65-rated LED sign tubes are UL & SAM listed. Each package comes with all essential components, ensuring a seamless and straightforward setup.

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Rapid Lamps®Generation 3

Experience unmatched luminosity with our innovative Generation 3 Rapid Lamps®, exclusively designed for swift and hassle-free Menu Board installations. Available in packs of 8 and 20 in varying sizes from F-36 to F-120, these circular tubes boast two-sided LED illumination, ensuring a broader light spread. With an IP65 rating, these LED sign tubes are not only resilient but also UL & SAM certified. Each set is equipped with all the vital components, guaranteeing an effortless and smooth installation process.

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Rapid Brackets®and Miscellaneous Products

Illuminate your signage with our comprehensive range of LED accessories. Dive into our collection:

Rapid Brackets®: These brackets ensure a snug fit for your LED tubes.

AC Input Wire: AC Input Cables are crafted for your LED installations.

T-Connectors: T-connectors to provide a secure connection.

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Exit Lights

Our Exit Lights collection offers a range of safety solutions, from directional LED Exit Lights to versatile Combo Emergency Exit Lights.

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Brackets and Adaptors

Discover the versatility of our LED Lighting Adaptors & Brackets collection. From Tenons to Upsweep Brackets, our range ensures the perfect fit for all your lighting projects. Elevate your lighting aesthetics with our reliable and innovative solutions.

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Products from HAVELLS

Havells is a leading electrical equipment company that offers a vast range of products in multiple categories. They have created an unblemished reputation in the field of LED Lighting Products.

Experience exceptional illumination with our high-performance LED bulbs. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our lights deliver bright, consistent lighting for any space. Enjoy enhanced clarity and energy-saving benefits, transforming your environment with a simple flick of a switch. With our LED bulbs, you’ll experience brilliant illumination that not only enhances visibility but also reduces energy consumption. Trust in our reliable and efficient lighting solution to create a well-lit and inviting space for your needs.

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The occupancy sensor, designed for industrial and commercial applications, is a versatile solution for optimizing energy efficiency and convenience. With universal AC input compatibility, this sensor seamlessly integrates into various electrical systems, ensuring versatile applicability across different environments.

Featuring a hard-wired motion sensor, the occupancy sensor delivers reliable performance by detecting motion with precision. Its 360° motion detection capability ensures comprehensive coverage, effectively detecting movement from all angles within its range. This wide detection range makes it ideal for large spaces such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums.

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