Terms of Service

All warranties herein will exclude any items installed incorrectly, misused, neglected, altered, or abused. Any damages, failures, or defective items are subject to the discretion of Signlights LED®. Failure to follow instructional documents or manual will void all warranties.

Signlights LED® shall have no liability whatsoever in any event for payment of incidental or consequential costs including, without limitations, installation costs, and damages for personal injury or property.

All individual or companies using Signlights LED® products are required to follow all National, State, and local government laws and guidelines requiring installation, use and disposal of products.

Use of a surge protector is highly recommended.

Any type of water damage to tubes including but not limited to condensation is not covered under warranty.

Signlights LED® reserves the right to examine all products and reserves the right to be the sole judge as whether any product is defective and covered under warranty.